Our values

INFUSA places honest production at the top of the pile. Materials are selected based on sustainability and our products are continuously tested and refined. We seek inspiration through people, our community and the landscape around us and have fostered caring relationships with our artisans partners to ensure that we meet our values.

  • Honest production

    By working closely with our artisan partners and by working solely with organic Portuguese and European sourced materials, we are involved in each step of the making process. Crafting is a very labor-intensive act that takes time and years of practice.

    Listening to the knowledge of our artisans partners and letting them guide us to what is needed to create properly, to the standards that they feel most proud of and the relationships they find most enjoyable. We find it important to allow the time needed to produce, at every step. With fair payment and small batch production, together we set realistic and achievable production timelines with our partners.

  • A social platform

    One of our priorities is to build honest, transparent and ongoing relationship with our artisan partners, customers, and community. We find it important to bring you along the process of every product, all the way to its celebration in your home. The power of making something by hand brings people together and we are much honored that we can co-create our products with our trusted artisan partners. 

    Through our online platforms we dedicate space to showcase and talk about the process, hoping it inspires others. We are excited to seek collaboration with like-minded projects and people to expand the valuable stories of the crafts, the artisans, and our products.

  • Cultural values

    Craft and culture are directly linked with each other. This connection functions as a deep inspiration in the design process of our products. We want to respect the cultural identity by honoring the roots of crafted shapes and by seeking balance between contemporary and traditional elements.

    Our design process is very organic and based on our memories that are inspired by tales of the villages, historical stories, daily life rituals, and the natural landscapes in Portugal. The collaboration between the Portuguese background of Francisco and the Dutch background of Eva within INFUSA ignites a space to motivate, learn and inspire each other. 

  • Our commitment

    Every decision that we make within our brand prioritizes the safety of our planet. The environment and existence of our future planet with all its abundant life is in need of our care more than ever. We are committed to a journey where we keep learning, reflecting, and improving our products. Ensuring that they contribute to a sustainable and safe future for our next generations.

    From working with organic and local materials to minimizing waste and transport, we are constantly finding ways to improve. We are not perfect, but are continuously working on improving and learning our sustainable actions, and want to take you along with us on this journey. 

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Working to a sustainable future

At INFUSA we want our community to expect transparency and honesty from us.

• Our wool is classified with the OEKO-TEX certificate standard 100, class I. This means that our yarns are free of any harmful chemicals. The wool is sourced in the EU and no sheep have been subjected to Mulesing.

• Our linen is classified with the OEKO-TEX certificate standard 100, class I. This means that our yarns are free of any harmful chemicals.

• All blue hues are made in our organic indigo-dyed bath. Ensuring their beautiful natural blue tone and long-lasting color. The indigo dyeing is done by Eva in the home studio and warehouse of INFUSA. The high quality-organic indigo from India and El Salvador is the only material sourced outside of Europe.

• Our baskets are made with acacia wood from Portugal. This invasive plant species originated from Australia, is known to endanger the natural biodiversity of the Portuguese forests. By working with this material, space is given for native plant species to grow again while sourcing our material locally.

• Our packaging is free of plastic. All material that is used to protect our products during shipping is recyclable.

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