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Castanha Pot

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Our Castanha Pot is designed to enhance the beautiful rustic terra cotta color by incorporating subtle color play. It is a carefully hand-thrown ceramic pot using terra cotta clay from Barcelos, Portugal. 

Crafted by Cerâmica Soutelo and hand painted by INFUSA

Product story

The shape of our Castanha Pot is obtained from the Assador de Castanhas, a chestnut roaster, that helps to prepare roasted chestnuts. The roasted chestnuts are served as street food in various cities in Portugal during autumn and winter. Our pot is decorated with a pattern that is inspired by the wrought iron often found on Portuguese balconies. The natural color and texture of the terra cotta clay is enhanced by a glossy glaze, giving it a luxury touch.

Product details

• Technique: Hand thrown and hand painted
• Materials: Terra Cotta clay, Pigment
• Dimensions: 20x20x24,5 cm
• Unique handcrafted piece
• Colors and dimensions may vary slightly due to the careful handmade proces

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Care instructions

Please note, due to the nature of the terracotta clay, we cannot guarantee the vase will be 100% waterproof. Therefore we recommend placing the vase on a coaster before placing on a table, shelf or any other porous surface.

Our vases have wool-felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching on the surface.

Recommended to clean with a damp cloth. 

Crafting pieces for long-term use

Memorable products to gift yourself and your loved ones. Our aim is to bring years of joy to your space, with our works of love. By working together with our trusted artisan partners, who hold decades of knowledge and experience in their craft and using raw materials we ensure the use of our products. 

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